Spring Forth with Change!

Spring is finally here in New York City!  What an incredible gift to walk out with a light jacket, no boots and no worries about slip-sliding on black ice.  The gardeners are out early in the morning mowing the lawns and we can actually open our windows to get a whiff of fresh air.                                                                                                  

What better time to dream about possibilities and spring forth with change.  Can you get a new job?  Re-invent yourself?  Find your soul mate?

We usually hear from the media as well as people in the helping professions to adopt New Year's Resolutions on January 1st.  By now, we may have implemented some of those resolutions and forgotten about others.  Advertisers for fitness centers and clothing designers are urging us to get our bodies in shape so we can look fit when we put on our bathing suits and head to the beaches.

Getting physically fit is a wonderful goal but what about taking advantage of this new season and making some of your dreams come true?  Take a walk, bike ride or drive to a park, bring your journal or iphone and meditate to Oprah and Deepak and think about changes you have been putting off due to the Winter weather or for whatever reason.   

 A week ago, I was sitting on a bench in Central Park on a magnificently beautiful Spring day and was amazed by how many people were out in the park and on the Great Lawn taking advantage of the first beautiful Spring Saturday in Manhattan.  I could feel the positive energy surrounding me.  I sat there and people watched for at least an hour, thinking how grateful I was to be able to sit on that bench without a jacket, my face being kissed by the warming sun.   My mind raced with possibilities!  What did I want to work on for the coming year? Getting new clients, reconnecting with old friends, making new friends and getting outdoors more were among the ideas I came up with!

 So look for that list of resolutions or goals you created earlier in the year.  Are there one or two that really resonate with you?  Are they realistic?  Then keep on moving forward.

 Drawing upon Louise L. Hay’s “I Should” exercise from her book, “You Can Heal Your Life” (U.S., 1999), beware of adopting a change or goal because you "should" - try replacing "I should" with "I could" and DREAM BIG!