Are Life Coaches Really Spin Doctors in Disguise?

Are life coaches really spin doctors in disguise? If the answer is yes, would that be so bad?

In fact, promoting positivity and gratitude are core aspects of life coaching.   Adopting positive attitudes and shifting one's mindset from a negative one to a positive one can increase happiness, health, success and wealth levels. 

My friend tells me that I have been drinking the Kool-Aid since I became a life and career coach.    Well, I love the Kool-Aid and it sure beats being a downer, whiner or as a former boss of mine called it - a negative Nancy.  

Exhibiting positive energy can be contagious and lead to positive results.  Isn't it more fun to be around positive people than those who are cynical, complain about everything and really drag you down?  

Isn't it empowering to own your life, choose how you will react to what life throws your way, set your own goals, see possibilities?

The next time you get stuck with a problem at work, frustrated with a boss, boyfriend or child, experience a setback or disappointment,  take a deep breath, exhale slowly and let the negative feelings pass.  Or take a walk, get some fresh air, journal about how that problem or event made you feel. 

Put some distance between yourself and the situation.  Try not to obsess about it, dwell on why it had to happen.   Is there a lesson learned that you can take away for the future?

Focus forward, not backward.  Can you spin that setback into an opportunity?