And Don't Forget to Smile!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a smile worth?

I believe a smile is priceless.  As I sat in the dentist’s chair today getting my teeth cleaned, I pondered the value of a smile.  Isn’t a baby’s first smile a major milestone that parents wait for?  I know that I recorded that event in both of my children’s baby record books.  I also remember the cynics that told me that my babies weren’t really smiling but experiencing gas pains.

What exactly is a smile? defines a smile as an expression on your face that makes the corners of your mouth turn up and that shows happiness, amusement, pleasure, affection, etc. 

As a life, career and relationship coach and matchmaker, I strongly advocate the health benefits and power of a smile.  I firmly suggest to my dating clients that they post a smiling picture of themselves as their primary online dating profile picture.   Dating coaches report that men especially like to see pictures of women smiling.  Why not be the partner you want to attract and smile?

When I shared my theories on smiling dating profile pictures with my dental hygienist, she explained that many people are reluctant to smile if they are not happy with how their teeth look.  They lack the confidence to open wide and expose their teeth for all to see.  Now I understand why there are so many whitening products on the pharmacy shelves and why so many dentists are offering in-office teeth whitening or opening smile clinics. 

Scientific studies have proven that smiling is healthy for many reasons.  Smiling releases endorphins which can boost your mood.   If I make eye contact with someone while waiting on line at the bank or sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, I almost always smile.  If I receive a smile back, I feel a lifting of my spirits - I have bonded with someone who understands me and may also be frustrated by the wait. 

Smiling is actually contagious – it’s difficult not to smile back at a person that smiles at you.

A smiling person emanates positive energy.  Do you want to spend time with an upbeat person or a person who looks sulky or brooding?

I think a smile is about connection.  Isn’t a smiling person more inviting?  Easier to connect with?

As a child of the sixties who grew up on “smile you’re on candid camera” or “say cheese for the camera,” I smile a lot. 

What makes you smile?

Some things seem to organically bring a smile to most humans.  Babies manage to get the grumpiest of people to crack a smile and show those pearly whites.  Puppies have also managed that feat. 

So what do you have in your life to smile about?  What brings you joy?

Well, get out there and find out and don’t forget to smile!